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Every Sunday Live on KKNT 960 am Noon to 1:00pm MST (no DST)

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This Sunday,
Guest – David Meir-Levi of Front Page Magazine to discuss the threat of Iran’s Nuclear program, what an Electrical Magnetic Pulse would do to the US and how the collapse of the national electrical grid could cause the downfall of the US government.

Call in early, with CONCISE questions (PLEASE no pontificating and no advertising!) at 602-508-0960 or toll free 1-888-960-9696.  Wm Wolf, host Middle East Radio Forum. Please do not wait until the last few minutes to call in with your questions.
Podcast of past shows. Available on iTunes  or via RSS

Middle East Radio Forum Sundays

  1. I’ve wondered would the Israeli embassey be taken over as easily as ours. This is a disgrase and showa the rest ot the world how weak our govt. is. It also seems strange that the FBI is investgating Gen Prateous before he is about to face congress about the embassey takeover and why is the FBI following AG Tom Horne? Just some random thoughts. Alan Farr Mesa,Az.

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