Attorney William J. Wolf

Attorney William J. Wolf graduated from the University of Illinois in 1967 and from Arizona State University College of Law in 1971.

He has been self-employed as a personal injury attorney in Phoenix for over thirty years and taught about the Middle East at Hebrew High School, for ten years.

Mr. Wolf is an activist for Soviet Jewry and was one of the three organizers to accomplish the abrogation of the Declaration of Cooperation between the American Bar Association and the “Association of Soviet Lawyers” (KGB). This involved picketing the American Bar Association’s meetings in New Orleans, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, as well as speaking at their annual meetings. These actions led to the successful abrogation of the “Declaration of Co-Operation.”

In 1988 he founded the American Council to save Yemenite Jewry, later renamed International Coalition for the Revival of the Jews of Yemen (ICROJOY), ending up with five members. By way of working through the U.S. State Department, this resulted in the rescue of approximately eight-hundred of the remaining Jews of Yemen, which were all that wished to emigrate. This is something that even the government of Israel had been unable to accomplish for over thirty years. The rescue operation was memorialized in the book, “Operation Esther — Opening the Door for the Last Jews of Yemen,” by Hayim Tawil, copyright 1998, by Belkis Press.

Mr. Wolf began Middle East Radio Forum (MERF), a Phoenix talk-radio show, which is currently on the air every Sunday at noon on 960 AM the Patriot, KKNT. MERF is designed to educate the Jewish and non-Jewish community about the true situation between Israel and the Arab World with an emphasis in audience participation.

He is a student as to Israel and Arab psychology and is a frequent traveler to Israel.

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