Victor Mordecai

Victor Mordecai is the pen name of an American born Jew who made “Aliya” (immigrated) to Israel in 1968. Completing a BA at Hebrew University in 1973 in Sovietology, Russian and Eastern European studies as a major and Spanish and Latin American studies as a minor, Victor Mordecai then went on to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces as an Army Spokesman in the Judea and Samaria Command. Victor is married to an Egyptian born Jewish woman who also studied at the Hebrew University, where they met. She has been Victor’s teacher and inspiration in understanding the threat of Islam to the world. Another eye-opener for Victor was Russian and Spanish studies which have one thing in common: centuries of wars with Islam. Victor also worked for two years as senior editor and translator at the Government Press Office under prime minister Yitzhak Shamir’s administration. The two main thrusts of his work was the preparation of a daily press survey from the Israeli press as well as translating into English excerpts from the Islamic press for foreign journalists. The Islamic press translations into English were another galvanizing factor in forming Victor’s opinions.

As an IDF reservist, Victor served for 15 years as an artillery crewman, and then another 12 years as an army spokesman. Speaking six languages, Victor escorted and lectured to Christian groups visiting IDF bases. It was greatly thanks to these contacts that Victor was invited to speak privately in churches in the US and Canada. It was over the course of the last eleven years that Victor Mordecai came to the inescapable conclusion that a Judeo-Christian alliance was and is necessary for Israel to survive and vanquish the Islamic threat to its existence. Victor came to an additional conclusion: that the Islamic threat was to the Jews and the Christians, and the rest of the world afterward. Victor Mordecai’s battle is for Israel, Judeo-Christian western civilization and democracy, and finally for the survival of the entire world.

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